Fall Colors Galore!

Today I had the opportunity to go out in the mountains and enjoy the fall color.  I went with a friend, and we began with a hike up into Laurel Falls.  It is a relatively easy 1.3 miles up a paved path, but one is surrounded by nature all along the way.  The colors are at their peak right now, so the scenery was spectacular at times.

I took my trekking poles, I can’t imagine a hike without them now.  My knee has been acting up a bit (I still feel like I’m 30; my knees remind me that I am now 47), so the poles really came in handy.  The scenery reminded me very much of the scenery in the Pyrenees between St. Jean Pied de Port and Roncesvalles.  At one time, I caught a yellow lichen out of the corner of my eye, and for a nano-second I thought it was a yellow arrow.  Sigh . . . 

I thought that once I did the Camino, I would get it out of my system and be ready to move on to other trips.  I am ready for other trips (I recently traveled to Northern Michigan, Toronto and Niagara Falls, I’ll blog about that trip in a week or so), but I am definitely wanting to do the Camino again.  I would like to finish the section between Burgos and Leon that I skipped by bus, and I would also like to walk the stretch from Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre.  Then, I think my next camino will be the Camino Portugues in the next four or five years.  It has gotten in my blood . . . . they warned me that it would.

Below are some of the photos of the fall colors that I took while I was out and about today.  After Laurel Falls, we drove up to Clingman’s Dome, the highest elevation in the Smokies.  It was cold, windy, and snowing buckets by the time we left.  We finished with a drive through the Roaring Forks Motor Trail.  All in all, a great day!





3 thoughts on “Fall Colors Galore!

  1. Yeah, my knees are acting every bit of their 47 years, and my hips as well. I just need to work at getting into shape; if I carry less weight, it won’t likely cure the ills, but will definitely ameliorate them! I think Portugal sounds stunning! I visited Lisbon and Sintra in ’07, and would relish the chance to return and explore them further.

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