October 18: San Rocco de Pilli

Today was a relax at “home” day. It was also Kelly’s birthday! So, rather than write a long post, I will just share a few narrated pics.

There is a local church, and we have wanted to check it out. It is still in use (a “working” church), and that is obvious when you walk in. This is a place where people gather and worship on Sundays. It is small, but enchanting. On the way in, we went through the olive orchard. The olives are still on the trees, and we wondered how they would taste. Based on the look on Kelly’s face, they are awful straight from the tree.

There is a lot of schiacciato painting in the church, a technique made famous by Donatello. It is a way of painting on a flat surface that makes it look like you have great depth. 

The olive trees

The interior . . . remember that all surfaces are flat.

We stopped by a little pasticeria (bakery) for an afternoon treat. I told myself that I would only have a treat when I walked at least 16,000 steps in a day. As today was a slow day, I owe myself about 15,000 steps. In my defense, I only had a few bites, but it was delicious!

Another Tuscan sunset. The trees that you see are called palm pines. They grow this way, with a long long trunk, and then branches and needles only at the top.

Tonight was dinner at home, and planning. Tomorrow will be a visit to Assissi. We will have to be up at 5:30 in the am to catch the ONLY bus that goes from here to there, but it will be worth it. Tomorrow night we will get back too late for the last bus home, so we will be coming by taxi. Expensive day, but very much looking forward to it! May or may not have time and energy to write a post tomorrow night after I get back. Friday will be Florence. Arrivaderci for now!


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