November 5: Galway/Connemara

Today we did a good bit of driving,  just taking in the sights and enjoying the landscape.  We tried to stay on more rural roads, close to the coast. 

We saw random ruins (houses,  castles,  churches,  etc)

. . . happy (I choose to believe,  lol) animals . . . 

. . . the beautiful black and brown sand beach at Fanore (The river that empties into it creates these beautiful designs in the sand) . . . 

. . . a random church on the side of the road . . . 

. . . the church of Cashel, (which we thought had served as the inspiration for the church at Kilmarkedar that we visited yesterday.  We now think it was a DIFFERENT church of Cashel) . . . 

. . . the cemetery behind the church of Cashel (which is up a steep narrow one lane gravel road; the road is fairly new.  They used to carry the coffins up by foot,  on their shoulders.  There is a grave of a young man from Ireland who served in the US Marines and was  KIA in Vietnam) . . . 

. . . and some great scenery,  including very rocky areas with huge boulders on either side of the road . . . 


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